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HaSOFER has been writing sefer Torahs and supplying atzei chaim, Torah mantels, yads, and silver crowns and finials since 1983. We can help you for both new and existing Torah scrolls. Yads, crowns and finials can be purchased by clicking on the links above. To order a new mantel for an existing Torah please read this page first.

Purchasing a Torah mantel is a very personal task. Most Torahs and their mantels are dedicated in honor or in memory of a special person or occasion and the design and text on your mantel will reflect that person or event. For this reason HaSOFER offers you a wide range of mantel styles, colors and fabrics from which to choose.

Ordering a Torah mantel involves several steps. First look through our many mantel styles by clicking on the link above. All are available in white as well as a variety of colors. Our pictures show mantels made of high-grade plush velvet, but many other fabrics are also available. Ask us for details! All the design details pictured in each sample: the pasuk, verse, color combinations, type of fringe, font and actual text can be adjusted. Individual design elements can also be changed, re-combined or re-arranged.

Illustration of the measurements we need to start work on your Torah mantel order.

Choose the mantel design you want, color of the fabric, color scheme of the design and type of fringe. Determine if you need a matching gartel, belt, and if you want wooden rings around the holes for the atzei chaim. We highly recommend having the rings as they add to the life of the mantel.

Finalize the text you want on the mantel, including consulting with all those involved in the purchase, also perhaps including your Rabbi or other spiritual advisor. Although most of our Torah mantels have text in Hebrew and/or English, the dedication can be in any language. Dedication text can be placed on the front or the back of your mantel or on a separate fabric swatch mounted on the inside lining.

In order to be certain that your new mantel fits properly on your sefer Torah we need several measurements and pictures:

  • Height of the klaf, parchment, itself
  • Overall height of the atzei chaim: from the top of the upper disc to the bottom of the lower disc
  • A picture of the Torah lying flat on a table and open slightly as in our picture on this page. Take the picture directly above the Torah so that the klaf and the discs above and below the klaf can be seen clearly.
  • A picture of the Torah with the current mantel on it

As you proceed with your order on our site you will be asked for all the details listed here. Therefore it is advisable to collect all the information before actually placing your order. Short dedication text in either Hebrew or English can be entered directly in our online form. Long text can be emailed to us separately. We are glad to translate your text to Hebrew if required.

If you are buying a mantel for a new sefer Torah which is still being written by a sofer, scribe, he will be able to give you the measurements we require.

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