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Keeps moisture out to extend the life of your tefillin
Changes color when the dessicant needs replacing

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Perspiration and other forms of moisture can quickly damage tefillin. Although you can't always prevent moisture from reaching your tefillin, with HaSOFER's unique Tefillin Saver you can minimize the damage done and greatly extend the life of your parshiot and batim.

Any type of moisture will damage your tefillin:

  • discolor the paint of the batim
  • cause the batim to warp
  • cause the batim to bubble and peel
  • inside the batim, cause damage to the ink and the klaf such that the letters of the parshiot fade or even "pop off" the klaf
The minerals in our own perspiration are even worse: they will actually eat away and dissolve tefillin paint.

Always be sure to dry your hair thoroughly before putting on your tefillin. Also, minimize the length of time you wear your tefillin if they will be exposed to water (davening outside in the rain!) or in circumstances when you are apt to perspire excessively.

HaSOFER's exclusive Tefillin Saver kit will prevent most of these problems! It contains a pair of specially designed plastic sleeves and 50 1-gram desiccant bags. Attach one plastic Tefillin Saver sleeve to the bottom of each of your plastic outer tefillin covers and insert a single desiccant bag into each sleeve. Your tefillin are now protected with our powerful drying agent.

The desiccant in Tefillin Saver lasts approximately 7 to 14 days in normal use and circumstances. This of course will vary greatly according to your personal circumstances. But you don't need to keep track of how many days the desiccant packet has been in your Tefillin Saver! When the packet is saturated it changes color from orange to green indicating that it's time to insert a fresh desiccant.

The Tefillin Saver sleeves have double-sided tape for gluing to the bottom of the tefillin covers. Be sure to position Tefillin Saver so that the window in the plastic sleeve is located directly over the ventilation opening on the bottom of the plastic outer tefillin cover.

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