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Lightweight open-weave tallit that really stays on your shoulders!

Tashbetz Classic Tallit Tashbetz Classic Tallit
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Tashbetz Tallit - Pastel Colors Tashbetz Tallit - Pastel Colors
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Especially soft and comfortable, this 100% wool tallit is available in black, sparkling white, gray or light blue stripes, all with silver highlights. Click on the picture to see the color choices.

Prices shown are for the tallit with certified kosher machine-spun kaful shemonah, 8-strand, tzitzit strings factory-tied according to Ashkenazi "Tal" 7-8-11-13 minhag.

Ordering Instructions: Choose size and model tallit you want and click one of the CLICK TO ORDER buttons. Choose from the available options that appear and then click on ADD TO CART at the bottom of the page. Continue to checkout. To order tzitzit separately for tying on your tallit yourself go to our tzitzit and tekhelet page. You will have to remove the machine tzitzit from the tallit yourself.

Tashbetz Classic Tallit
Item #: 1-21-51


Tashbetz Tallit - Pastel Colors
Item #: 1-21-52


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