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Ideal for the Bar Mitzvah boy or the budget-conscious

Tefillin P'shutim Mehudarim, Kosher l'hatchila l'bracha

Which tefillin are right for you?

All HaSOFER tefillin p'shutim mehudarim dakot have:
  • Sturdy plastic covers
  • Yadel covering the shel yad
  • Straps individually tied to your specification
  • Photocopy of the actual parshiot inside
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For pictures and explanation of the correct way to wear tefillin see:
How to Put on Tefillin

All tefillin orders are sent via DHL Express or Israel Post Office EMS Priority Mail Service. Shipping charges that appear in your shopping cart, especially to Australia, South Africa and other select countries in the southern hemisphere, eastern Europe and elsewhere, are adjusted as needed and we send you change notification via email.

Item Hiddur Price Ktav
Tefillin set
P'shutim Mehudarim
Kosher l'hatchila l'bracha $525.00   Sefardic Click to add this item to your shopping cart
Tefillin set
P'shutim Mehudarim
Kosher l'hatchila l'bracha $550.00   Ashkenazic Click to add this item to your shopping cart

More Details About the Tefillin on This Page

  • HaSOFER's tefillin p'shutim mehudarim dakot have dakot batim, thin housings, made from a single piece of thin leather that is folded and glued in a unique manner to give the tefillin the status of ohr echad. Average lifespan is seven to ten years, but this can be extended to up to twenty years when properly maintained.
  • All of the parshiot, parchments, in HaSOFER tefillin are written exclusively by our own certified sofrim, scribes. They are examined twice by our in-house, certified megihim, examiners, in addition to being checked by computer. Computer checking of tefillin and mezuzot is highly recommended by all major poskim, Rabbinical authorities, today.
  • Inserting the parshiot, closing and painting the batim and all other finishing steps of making your tefillin are done in our Jerusalem shop under the kashrut supervision of HaRav Shamai K'hat HaCohen Gross Rav of Mishmeret Hakodesh for STa"M.
  • Retzuot, straps, of HaSOFER's tefillin p'shutim mehudarim dakot are 13-14 mm wide, processed by hand from the best quality upper leather. The knots of the retzuot are custom tied to your specification.
  • All HaSOFER tefillin come standard with adult-length straps, even when purchased for short Bar Mitzvah boys. The boys grow into them rapidly! In many cases, and especially if you are ordering for a Bar Mitzvah boy, you may need to have the size of the head strap adjusted by your local Rabbi to ensure proper fit.
  • If you order your tefillin with the knots of the retzuot tied according to Ashkenazi custom you will find the knot of the shel yad retzuah held in position touching the bayit by a strand of thin nylon. This is in accordance with the ruling of the Mishnah Brurah that the knot of the retzuah of the shel yad tefillin must always touch the bayit when the tefillin are being worn. His source for this ruling is the statement by the Mechilta in parshat Bo that this is a segulah, omen, for long life. Those who wear their tefillin according to Chassidic or Sefardic custom do not require this nylon strand because the different way they put their tefillin on automatically brings the knot to touch the bayit at all times.

At HaSOFER we have many finished pairs of tefillin in stock ready for shipping to you. When we receive your order for a pair of tefillin that we have in stock, all that remains to be done is for us to tie on the retzuot according to the instructions you give us with your order and they are shipped by the next business day.

If the tefillin you order are not in stock as a finished pair, in most cases we will put them together from our large in-house stock of separate parshiot and batim. Inserting the parshiot, closing and finishing the batim, and tying the retzuot takes about a week. If we will not be shipping your tefillin within 3 business days, when we receive your order we will email you a projected shipping date.

To provide maximum security for your tefillin in transit, we ship all tefillin orders either via DHL Express or Israel Post Office EMS Priority Mail Sevice, both of which feature online tracking of the package. We send you the tracking number via email when the package is shipped.

Important final note: A purchase of tefillin should involve more than just cost calculations alone. Your tefillin are a physical manifestation of your relationship with G-d. If you put them on daily, you will want the highest quality, longest-lasting set you can afford. But even if you only use them occasionally, think about the meaning they have for you and budget your purchase accordingly.

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