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Before applying paint always have in mind and say aloud “Leshem kedushat tefillin” as required by Halacha
Allow minimum 10 minutes for paint to dry
Scroll down this page for 2 movies explaining the different types of tefillin paint
and showing the proper way to paint your retzuot.

For more information about painting your tefillin see: How to Paint Tefillin Straps, Retzuot

Item # Price Item Name
1-2-99-23 $5.95 Tefillin Paint - Liquid Pen Applicator - High glossy finish Qty:     Click to add this item to your shopping cart
1-2-99-22 $5.95 Tefillin Paint - Brush Applicator - High glossy finish - Recommended for straps, also suitable for batim Qty:     Click to add this item to your shopping cart
1-2-99-24 $5.95 Tefillin Paint - Brush Applicator - Flat mat finish - Recommended for batim, also suitable for straps Qty:     Click to add this item to your shopping cart

Tefillin retzuot must always maintain their perfectly black color to remain kosher. Use tefillin paint to make minor repairs to the paint of your tefillin retzuot and tefillin batim.

  • Both types of applicators are suitable for both tefillin retzuot and tefillin batim
  • High quality long-lasting glossy black liquid paint
  • Contains no animal by-products
  • All ingredients are “min hamutar bepicha”
  • Unique felt tip of the Liquid Pen Applicator produces a uniform, thin coat of perfectly black petroleum-based paint
  • When using the Applicator the first time, press the felt tip in until it becomes filled with paint, then apply to your tefillin
  • Produced under the supervision of the Va'ad HaRabbonim L'Inyani STa"M of Jerusalem. See their kashrut certification letter by clicking here
  • Convenient Brush Applicator is found by many to be easy to use
  • Produced under the supervision of the Badatz "Zichron Meir" of B'nai Brak

Painting Instructions: Before applying paint to your retzuot we recommend wrapping the strap around a cardboard tube such as from a roll of hand towel paper. This simulates the retzua being worn and opens up all cracks and crevasses so the paint can flow in and fill them.

If you paint your retzuot and the paint does not hold or again cracks or peels after a short time, then your straps have reached the point that they should be replaced with new ones. Order your new tefillin straps on HaSOFER's retzuot page.

Watch this video to see the proper way to paint your tefillin retzuot:

Watch this video to learn which type of paint to use for touching up your retzuot and which to use for your batim:

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