Rav, mohel, shochet, certified shatnez examiner, attending rabbinical authority in the beis hora'ah of Rav Moshe Halberstam, ztz"l in Jerusalem: these are just some of the areas of practical halacha l'maaseh in which Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum has specialized during his career serving the Jewish community. But of all these areas his greatest love is working with STa"M, Scrolls, Tefillin, and Mezuzot. He has specialized in checking, producing and educating the public about the numerous mitzvot of STa"M for over 25 years in numerous locations around the world.

Originally from Vineland, New Jersey, Rabbi Flumenbaum received smicha in 1981 from Mishmeres STa"M and Rav Wosner, with additional confirmation from HaRav Gross and HaRav Mordechai Friedlander, ztz"l.

He opened the first Jewish bookstore in Highland Park, NJ in 1980, while at the same time studying to be a sofer STa"M. He was a member of the first graduating class of Vaad Mishmeres STa"M in Brooklyn, NY in 1981. Rabbi Flumenbaum remained very active in Vaad Mishmeres STa"M, holding the positions of Director of Public Education Projects and chief examiner for the state of New Jersey.

Rabbi Flumenbaum also values the benefits to be gained from secular education. He received first a Bachelor's Degree and then a Masters Degree in Adult and Continuing Education from the Graduate School of Education of Rutgers University in 1982.

In that same year, 1982, Rabbi Flumenbaum and his family moved to Israel where they still live today in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood.

Here in Israel, Rabbi Flumenbaum continued his advanced studies of STa"M and received additional safrus certification from Rabbi Shamai K'hat HaCohen Gross, Rav of Mishmeres Hakodesh for STa"M and Mo"tz of K'hal Machzikei HaDas in Eretz Israel. HaSOFER, the store he opened in the center of Jerusalem, at 10 Straus Street, the former location of the OU/NCSY Israel Center, is also certified, being the only safrus business possessing current recommendation letters from Mishmeres Hakodesh, Mishmeres STa"M and Rabbi Friedlander, ztz"l.

Rabbi Flumenbaum is involved in much more than just writing, producing and selling STa"M. Throughout his long career in STa"M he has put a very strong emphasis on educating the public, including both religious and non-religious Jews, as well as non-Jews, about the kashrus requirements of STa"M and the complicated processes involved in producing kosher l'mihadrin tefillin, mezuzot and scrolls. He believes strongly that every consumer of STa"M should know what they are buying and using and know how to properly maintain and preserve them. Among his educational projects are:

  • authoring numerous articles on topics in STa"M
  • appearing on radio programs and lecturing in Israel, the US, Europe and the Soviet Union
  • leading a constant stream of groups on tours of the HaSOFER facility to learn how STa"M items are made
  • educating the public about consumer protection issues in STa"M and fighting against fraud

Rabbi Flumenbaum is glad to hear from you and welcomes your email with any question, comment or request regarding STa"M. And on your next visit to Jerusalem please be sure to visit him in our store at 10 Straus Street near the corner of HaNevi'im!

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