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A kosher mezuzah on every doorway - the solid foundation of your Jewish home

If you need both a mezuzah scroll, klaf, and a mezuzah case, start by first choosing from HaSOFER's wide selection of mezuzah cases. The size of the mezuzah case determines the size of the mezuzah scroll you need. Also note that the size listed for all HaSOFER mezuzah cases is the size of the mezuzah scroll appropriate for that mezuzah case. The case itself will always be slightly taller than that. Click on the links on the top and side of this page to go to our different families of mezuzah cases.

LeDOROT mezuzah cases, made in HaSOFER's own Shomer Shabbat factory, are specially engineered to provide the highest degree of protection for a mezuzah that is exposed to direct sunlight, dampness or extremes in temperature. They are also very handsome for interior doorways.

For additional choices of mezuzah cases see our Classic Mezuza Cases page. For that very special gift choose one of the Michael Kupietzky Judaica Art mezuzah cases.

You're putting the mezuzah on a door frame on which you cannot use screws or nails? Many of our mezuzah cases in each group come with double-sided mounting tape, making them fully self-adhesive. Check for this in the description for each mezuzah.

To learn about the factors you should keep in mind as you choose your mezuzah case read our article The Three Purposes of Your Mezuzah Case. To be sure you're putting your mezuzah up correctly read Where and How to Put Up a Mezuzah. On this page you'll find printable summaries in English, Hebrew and Russian of the laws of how to put up a mezuzah.

Mezuzah parchments come in standard heights of 6, 10, 12, and 15 centimeters. Until recently, mezuzah parchments taller than 6 centimeters were not commonly found, but this has changed as high quality parchment has become more accessible and more reasonably priced. The most commonly used sizes today, and also the most economical, are 10 and 12 centimeter. For a higher quality mezuzah, however, choose the larger, 15 centimeter size. If a small mezuzah scroll is absolutely essential, be prepared to pay more for this, as it is more difficult to write. A 6 centimeter mezuzah parchment is more expensive than a 10 or 12 centimeter parchment of equal quality.

Life expectancy of all of HaSOFER's 10, 12, 15 and 20 centimeter mezuzah parchments is approximately 20 years and not a factor of the price you pay for the klaf. A 6 centimeter mezuzah parchment has a shorter life expectancy as its smaller letters have a smaller surface area for bonding to the parchment. The actual lifespan of a mezuzah klaf varies greatly, depending upon how much it is exposed to heat, cold, dampness, dust, direct sunlight, and other factors.

Except for special circumstances, it is strongly advised by all poskim, rabbinical authorities, to replace existing small mezuzah cases, those less than 6 cm or 2.5 inches tall, with a larger mezuzah case and a mezuzah klaf sized to match. However if you have an heirloom mezuzah case or one with great sentimental or monetary value, we can provide you with a mezuzah klaf to fit it. To determine the size mezuzah parchment you need, measure the internal length and depth of your mezuzah cover carefully, leaving sufficient room for closing the case without crushing or creasing or rolling the parchment too tightly.

All of HaSOFER's mezuzah klafim are written by our own certified sofrim, scribes, who use only the highest quality natural parchment and ink. Each klaf is examined twice manually by certified megihim, examiners, and then also checked by computer. The kashrut level and price of every mezuzah klaf is set by HaSOFER's poskim according to the scroll's adherence to Halacha, Jewish Law, and its level of hiddur, beauty and enhanced level of kashrut. HaSOFER's principle posak is HaRav HaGaon Shamai Gross, shlit"a, Rabbinical Authority for K'hal Machzikei HaDas in Israel and Mishmeres HaKodesh for STa"M, and author of Shevet HaKehati.

The laws about mezuzah are very intricate: which doorways require a mezuzah, where and how to put up a mezuzah, how often and how to check them, and when you are permitted to remove a mezuzah. The articles in our STa"M in Halacha and Midrash section will provide you with many of the answers you are looking for. If you still have questions about any of the laws of mezuzah email them to us at mezuzot@HaSOFER.com and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

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