HaSOFER is the source for the discerning consumer looking for 100% kosher STa"M items: Scrolls, Tefillin, and Mezuzot. Everything we sell is kosher and meets the highest standards of workmanship and hiddur. In addition we also offer a wide range of extra high quality kosher l'mehadrin products.

HaSOFER is under the Rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Shamai K'hat HaCohen Gross, Mo"tz of K'hal Machzikei HaDas in Eretz Israel and Rav of Mishmeres Hakodesh for STa"M. His certification of our batim painting and finishing department is the only one of its type in Israel. Follow this link to see our current certification letter from him in Hebrew.

HaSOFER was also recommended for many years by Rabbi Mordechai Friedlander, ztz"l, former Rav and Mo"tz of Vaad Mishmeres STa"M, Jerusalem. Follow these links to see our previous certification letter from him in Hebrew or in English. Please also read this always timely letter from Rabbi Friedlander, ztz"l in Hebrew or in English detailing the importance of regularly checking the kashrus of your tefillin and mezuzot.

These or other recognized safrus institutions individually certify all employees of HaSOFER including sofrim, batim makers and examiners in their areas of expertise.

In addition to being the only safrus establishment possessing current recommendation letters from both of these supervisory organizations, HaSOFER is endorsed by the London Beth Din and the Rabbinate of Amsterdam.

Our customers come from every community and country and range from prominent rabbis and scholars to non-observant Jews. Litaim, chassidim, modern Orthodox, Ashkenazim and Eidot Hamizrach all seek out our high standards of compliance with Halacha and fine workmanship. You will find HaSOFER's products being used by major rabbinical figures as well as "ordinary Jews" in Paris, Johannesburg, New York, Sydney, all over Israel, and innumerable other locations around the world.

Among our customers: Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Jerusalem who had HaSOFER repair and restore his tefillin, a pair which originally belonged to the Chafetz Chaim, as well as the Bostoner Rebbe shlit"a and the Av Beis Din of Amsterdam who both use tefillin from HaSOFER.

Here is a sampling of customer comments HaSOFER has received over the years:

"Moshe, The tallit arrived -- over Shabbos. It is in perfect condition and exactly what I wanted. Thank you."
AF, Rockville, MD, 6/2021

"Dear Moshe, The tefillin is/are perfect, very beautiful. Everything I hoped for. Thank you so very much. Best Wishes."
DH, Frederiksberg, Denmark, 5/2021

"Hello, Thank you for the information and the care that you take for your customers. I really appreciate the service!"
SC, Montreal, Canada, 5/2021

"Dear Hasofer, Got the order by courier today and just writing to say thanks. Delighted with the 20 cm case (which had phoned and you expressed worry might not be the right wood colour) - well, its perfect, and the scrolls are just beautiful. With gratitude and warm regards from South Africa,"
JK, Sandton, SA, 5/2021

"Hi. I received the megillos. Thank you very much. I’m very happy with them."
YL, Baltimore, MD, 3/2021

"The megillah arrived in Switzerland. We are very happy and used the new megillah for Purim here in Switzerland, in Davos, where we stay for vacations. The ktav is beautiful and very clear. Thank you for your good advice. Chag Purim Sameach, Shabbat Shalom."
RB, Davos, Switzerland, 2/2021

"The Tephillin just arrived a few minutes ago, and we are thrilled! The length of time from when you mail it to delivery is incredible. I want to thank you (and not to forget the sofer who wrote the parchment) for the Tephillin. G-dly willing my son will treasure and wear them for the rest of his life. May you be blessed with good health so you can continue supplying Tephillin and other Kodesh for Am Yisroel until 120."
AK, Melbourne, Australia, 10/2020

"Moshe, I just received the tallit! It's beautiful and exactly what I wanted. And it arrived today, in time for Yom Tov. I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much for rushing it to me. Wishing you and your entire family a ksiva v'hasima tova and a very happy and healthy New Year."
AG, Syosset, NY, 9/2020

"We received the order and the Torah cover is beautiful. I just wanted to thank you for your lovely work and getting it to us on time. I will keep you in mind for the future. B'Shalom,"
PS, Glen Cove, NY, 8/2020

"The mantel is great, thank you. Kol tuv,"
GS, Baltimore, MD, 7/2020

"Hi Moshe, I received everything last week to perfection; no problems. I just wanted to thank you again for everything and for taking the extra care and time with my order. Best,"
DB, Thornton, CO, 7/2020

"Shalom! I got that really lovely video you made of how to tie a yud on the yad Tefillin! I want to thank you again for being so helpful toward your customers and the products. All the best to you Moshe. Bvracha,"
SK, Bloomington, IN, 7/2020

"Erev tov, Hope you are well. The package arrived today. The cases are very attractive. Now I can complete putting them all up. I don’t like being in a house where there isn’t a mezuza in every bedroom. So I am glad that you were there. Another satisfied customer!"
MF, Pittsburgh, PA, 7/2020

"Moshe, I can hardly believe that my tefillin and mezuzah klaf came so quickly. The packaging was great, everything was safe for the long journey. I am so relieved that the quality of everything was exactly what you said it wold be. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that asks…. Thanks again for everything you do and look forward to doing much more business with you."
RP, Sharon, MA, 4/2020

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum: I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping to purchase the retzuos. They arrived yesterday and I was able to put them on myself, by watching the youtube video as you suggested. Thank you again for all your assistance, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Warm Regards, Kol Tuv,"
LF, Highland Park, NJ, 3/2020

"Moshe, The tefillin and bags arrived today. They are amazing. Thank you so much."
EI, Dallas, TX, 1/2020

"Thanks so much. The tallis is beautiful. It arrived just in time. The wool of the tallis is finely woven, light-weight and the atarah design is elegant. I am happy to recommend HaSOFER Jerusalem to my family. Thanks again, Rabbi Flumenbaum!"
DK, Alburquerque, NM, 1/2020

"Hi Moshe, The Talis, Tekhelet and Talis Bag are beautiful! Thank You for also including the Plastic Protective Outer Bag! Shana tova,"
GN, Spanaway, WA, 9/2019

"Hi Moshe, Mezuzos arrived today beautifully packaged and prepared. Thank you so much and Yasher Koach,"
EK, Manchester, UK, 9/2019

"Hi, I have been meaning to write to you for some time. My son came to your shop to buy his Kittel for his wedding. As a result of that visit, I ended up replacing my tefillin (that I had since my bar mitzvah) with a pair (pretty expensive Kittel, if you want to ask me) that I ordered from you. I can't imagine that one is supposed to derive any "physical" pleasure from laying tefillin. But every morning I put them on, I am glad you persuaded me that spending a little more was worth it. I enjoy the feel of the soft leather straps as I wrap them, and look forward to putting them on in the morning. So thank you. Anyway, hope this finds you well."
JB, Chicago, IL, 8/2019

"Bought from HaSOFER a pair of tefillin 7 yrs ago, and yesterday I had them checked. The sofer who examined my tefillin were offering praise and complement on the beautiful pair I bought from HaSOFER 7 yrs ago. Thx slot,"
SA, Montreal, CA, 8/2019

"Good evening, I had the parshas put into the batim yesterday. The batim are gorgeous. Even the local sofer was surprised at the quality for the price. Thank you again for your great service. IYH I will be ordering another set of batim for my Rabeinu Tams in a few months. Gut Shabbos,"
GF, Chicago, IL, 4/2019

"Hi, Thank you for the prompt delivery -- everything was exactly as I expected based on the positive recommendations I received from others. Thank you,"
MC, West Point, NY, 3/2019

"Thanks Rabbi, I finally received them. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for your excellent work. I will purchase a new tallit from you later sometime this year, B'H. Regards,"
GM, Auckland, New Zealand, 2/2019

"I meant to write earlier, but wanted to say the tefillin are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for adding in the paper copies (printouts) of the klafim (parshiot) and the covers and shel yad cover. Unexpected but a wonderful surprise. Shavua Tov!"
MH, Austin, TX, 1/2019

"Hi Moshe, Indeed the tefillin were delivered. I davened with them this morning! Thanks SO much. Really appreciate it. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and be your customer again in the future. Gut Shabbos and all the best,"
CS, Bristol, UK, 1/2019

"I cannot truly express the Hakaras HaTov I have to you for getting me such a mehudar set of tefillin. I feel like I need to make a shehechiyanu each time I put them on. Hatzlacha. May you be zoche to continue to allow klal Yisrael to fulfill the mitzvah of tefillin."
SS, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 7/2018

"To begin, I wish to thank you for your very informative website. Your encyclopedic level of information has been extremely helpful to me as I am in the process of replacing my tefillin. This is the first time I will have bought tefillin, so I want to apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge and for the beginner level of my questions. I hope I am using the correct terminology and that my question makes sense. When I am ready to purchase my new tefillin, I am strongly leaning toward buying them from you. I am very impressed with your website. I want to thank you in advance for any help you can offer. (He purchased very good tefillin shortly after he sent this email.)"
MJS, Woburn, MA, USA, 5/2018

"Thank you very very much Moshe, I really want to let you know that I really appreciate you and your help!!! G-d bless you and all of us."
TM, Edison, NJ, USA, 5/2018

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, As always – a pleasure to do business with you, especially this kind of “business.” Our home was short a few mezuzot after some redecorating and this will bring us up to “full strength.” Best regards,"
MW, Cleveland, OH, USA, 5/2018

"I received the new pair of tefillin and made a bracha on them this morning! They look great. Thank you so much for the prompt and professional service."
AG, Waterbury, CT, USA, 4/2018

"Shalom, Very many thanks for the safe delivery of my order for the Kosher Compass. I am delighted with the compass and with your service. Thank you."
JM, Cwmbran, Gwent, Wales, 3/2018

"Good afternoon Moshe, I just received my bag and am delighted. Thanks for the wonderful customer service!"
CAR, NY, NY, 9/2017

"R' Moshe, The tefillin are beautiful. I wanted to thank you for personalizing via Skype with my son the halochos, m'sora, and showing how the parshas are positioned and stitched in place. I wish I had that experience when getting my tefillin."
UP, Brooklyn, NY, 7/2017

"Moshe – just wanted you to know that I received the Talis and it is beautiful!!! I’m sure he will cherish it for many years to come! Thank you for your help."
KR, Williamsport, PA, 6/2017

"Rabbi Moshe, I had my hatan look at everything today. He tried on the tefillin and loved it. He says the tallis is great. So it looks like we are all set. Thanks so much for your help again!"
RT, Staten Island, NY, 2/2017

"Dear Moshe, I just wanted to thank you for our beautiful new Torah mantel. It is just perfect! The color is deep and rich and matches our other sefer Torah and also our sanctuary. The size is just perfect and even works for both sifrei Torah that we own. Thank you for working with us and making this a very special addition to our community. Todah Rabah and kol tuv -"
KS, Carlsbad, CA, 1/2017

"Moshe, I wanted to let you know I received my order - and much quicker than I expected it! The ink worked beautifully. Thank you so much for this great service you provide to Jews all over the world (especially us in areas with a much smaller community - like Denver). I will certainly come by your store the next time I am in Jerusalem. May Hashem bless you and keep you and your family in good health. Warm Regards,"
ZF, Denver, CO, 12/2016

"Hi Moshe, It (the tallit bag) arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. Shabbat Shalom."
LF, Perth, Australia, 10/2016

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, Many thanks for helping me with the purchase of the tallit. It is lovely. My best wishes,"
WO, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 5/2016

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful tefillin. My hope is that my son will be able to use them throughout his lifetime as a gift from his parents. I really appreciate your help in figuring out what to order and in getting the tefillin to us so quickly. I hope to meet you when we are in Israel. Thank you again."
PW, Newton, MA, 3/2016

"I received my retzuot order. Your company again pleased me with excellent products and I expect to order from you again. Thanks to you and all those who work on producing these divrei kedusha, since we all need to be using the most kosher tefillin possible."
AZ, Magnitogorsk, Russia, 2/2016

"Dear Moshe, We just received the mezuzot and they are wonderful! Thank you very much. L'Shalom,"
PB, Mount Pleasant, PA, 10/2015

"Dear Moshe, We cannot thank you enough for the help and education you provided. Your kindness and consideration helped turn our perspective of having lost the tefillin into improving the mitzvah."
MB, New Market, MD, 10/2015

"Shalom Reb Flumenbaum, I received my tefillin yesterday evening in the mail - they look absolutely fantastic! I was also able to give them to my father-in-law and he really loved them! Thank you again for all your time and effort - I am truly grateful! Have a great day and week ahead! Kol Tuv,"
YM, Chicago, IL, 6/2015

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, I purchased a pair of tefillin in your shop on May 31st and wanted to write to let you know about the incredibly positive experience I had with your sales person. Your shop was recommended to me by a friend of our tour guide. I arrived 20 minutes before closing, expecting to be told that I would have to come back the next day. Instead I was welcomed and your sales person patiently began to educate me and helped me select a pair of tefillin. He was knowledgeable, kind, listened and answered each of my many questions with insight and kindness. It was well after 7:00 PM when I left the shop with my new tefillin in hand. Please thank him for me and know that you have a true mensch on your sales staff. All the best for your continued success,"
MB, Bridgewater, MA, 6/2015

"Moshe, I just received the cover – it’s beautiful. Thanks so much and continued hatzlocha."
JK, Cleveland, OH, 6/2015

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, We received the order of tefillin from HaSOFER last week. The tefillin look really nice. Thank you very much --- your product looks beautiful and the process of ordering and shipping was very simple with no issues. I will definitely recommend HaSOFER to friends and family. Thanks again!"
DA, Detroit, MI, 5/2015

"Rabbi, I received the retzuot and they fit perfectly. Thanks."
SG, Greenbelt, MD, 6/2015

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and wonderful service! The Tallit is perfect!! Be well! Best,"
SK, Astoria, NY, 5/2015

"Thanks, Moshe! I will certainly let others know of the wonderful service that you and your company have provided. And I will be back for any other Judaica needs! Many thanks,"
LE, Rochester, NY, 4/2015

"Moshe, The tefillin and bags arrived today! They are so exquisite! Thank you so much! With much appreciation!"
EL, Aurora, CO, 4/2015

"Shalom Rav Flumenbaum, I received the package in excellent condition. Very pleased with everything and extremely satisfied with the workmanship of the tefillin. I will soon place another order."
AP, Washington, PA, 4/2015

"The items arrived, thanks for the remarkable service!!"
AK, Singapore, 3/2015

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the package in about a week. Everything looks beautiful. Thank you for making sure that I received this in plenty of time. I will definitely let people here know how smoothly everything was. Be well,"
GB, Lutherville, MD, 1/2015

"Hi Moshe, I saw the mantel for the first time last night and it looks great!! Thanks so much for your good work. Kol Tuv,"
PK, Victoria, Australia, 11/2014

"Dear Moshe, Thank you so much. This (mezuzah) arrived on Friday. Now I have it, and it is truly beautiful. Blessings on you, and on the sofer who wrote it."
JB, Llanelli, UK, 11/2014

"Just received the talit and all I can say it thank you!. It's exactly as I ordered and my wife loves it. Again, thank you!"
AF, Little Neck, NY, 11/2014

"Shalom Moshe, This is just a quick note to let you know that the kiddush cups arrived safe and sound and that my twin granddaughters are very pleased with them. Many thanks, and we hope to stop by your store the next time we are in Yerushalayim. Best,"
SG, Princeton Junction, NJ, 11/2014

"My talis arrived - on Yom Kippur. I was stunned by its beauty. When I wrapped myself tightly with the abundant loving kindness of HaShem your talis reminds me that all things of value come from and are for HaShem. I remain an imperfect man yet your exquisite talis is now a part of the reminders that I must strive harder each day to bring a brighter, better-kept soul to His presence each day. Shalom,"
TG, Washington, DC, 10/2014

"Hi, Just received my order. The bags are terrific! - They look great. -- Many thanks .............."
JK, Bowdon, UK, 9/2014

"Moshe, I just received the tallis and tallis/tefillin bags and am thrilled with how they look. Thanks and have a good Shabbos!"
SL, Savannah, GA, 7/2014

"Hi Moshe, Just to thank you. The package arrived last week and we are very happy with it. Shabbat shalom,"
MC, London, UK, 7/2014

"Afternoon Moshe, Thank you for your excellent service, it is greatly appreciated. Kind regards,"
MB, Cape Town, SA, 6/2014

"Dear Moshe, Thank you so much for my 2 parchments that I requested, I received them last week and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you. I received them so promptly, it's amazing how great the customer service you offer is. Kindest Regards,"
PM, Essex, UK, 5/2014

"Dear Rabbi Moshe, Just to let you know that the mantels and etz chaim arrived safely. They are gorgeous and we are soooooo happy."
LD, Randwick, Australia, 3/2014

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, Once again, thank you so much for the email. Now I am 100% sure it is amazingly beautiful. You should know you are being advertised big time at my synagogue; half of the congregation is now thinking to buy a new pair of tefillin or at least couple of them want to change their retzuot. :) B”H when I have a job next year and move to a bigger place, I will buy some mezuzot from you too (I promise next time I won’t have as many questions :) ). May you have a good and long life, so I can purchase my future sons’ and grandsons’ tefillin from you as well. Shabbat Shalom, Bracha vehatzlacha!!!"
YA, Gainesville, FL, 10/2013

"I am delighted to confirm safe receipt of my order. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. Best wishes,"
MR, London, UK, 7/2013

"Dear Moshe, I have already received the tefillin. I am very grateful, thank you very much for your excellent service! Best regards,"
MH, Ribe, Denmark, 7/2013

"Delighted to say that the order arrived yesterday. I am very pleased and will recommend and order from you again. Thank you for great service,"
AH, Bristol, UK, 6/2013

"Received (the talis) today. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. Thanks,"
GB, Merion Station, PA, 5/2013

"Hello Moshe - We received the engraved kiddush cup today. It's beautiful and it was very easy doing business with you. Thank you so much,"
NM, San Francisco, CA, 5/2013

"Hello: Our silver yad has been received! Stunning and exactly what we were looking for. For future gifts we will check your web site again. Thank you,"
EE, Mercer Island, WA, 5/2013

"Sholom. Today we received our parcel. B"H all is good. Thank you very much. Brocha ve atsloha,"
MY, Krasnoarmeiskiy, Russia, 4/2013

"Moshe, Max received the tallit set today. He loves it! Thank you!,"
MD, Evanston, IL, 2/2013

"Thank you so much for unbelievable service. Shkoiuch,"
SS, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2/2013

"Hi Moshe, You are amazing. Thank you so much!!,"
RB, Nashville, TN, 2/2013

"Moshe, Thank you for the tefillin! I love it!"
LM, Maple, ON, Canada, 1/2013

"Dear Reb Moshe, My son and I very much enjoyed the shiur this evening with your son, Netanel. He was very knowledgeable and did a very good job in your absence. Thank you again,"
EH, Jerusalem, Israel, 1/2013

"Dear Moshe, Shalom! I received my Kosher Compass this afternoon. Thanks again & G-d bless to you & your family. Regards,"
CHP, Malacca, Malaysia, 12/2012

"Shana Tova Moshe, Thank you so much for your excellent service. We received the finials on Friday and were able to use them for Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah. They looked beautiful. Shalom,"
SG, Ridgewood, NJ, 9/2012

"Moshe, We received the megillah case today. It looks fantastic. Thank you for working with us and making this a smooth process! Kol tuv,"
JL, Pinecrest, FL, 8/2012

"I just returned from Solomon Schechter of Manhattan where I dropped off the megilah and we opened the scroll together. It is so beautiful. Thank you very much for your work and your efforts. All the best and thank you again,"
DD, NY, NY, 7/2012

"Thank you so much. I am very impressed by your service. I will be sure to recommend your store around the Chicago area. Thank you very much,"
GF, Chicago, IL, 7/2012

"Dear Moshe & HaSOFER team, We received our beautiful new mezuzot on Friday. Thanks for your excellent service. Wishing you every success and blessings for the future. Kol tuv,"
BL, Leeds, UK, 7/2012

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum and Rabbi Ezra: I am very grateful to you and to HaSOFER for giving me the most wonderful experience while in Jerusalem. Part of the purpose of my trip to Israel was to buy Tefillin, Tallit and their respective bags for my two boys. I felt complete and proud that I was able to buy excellent quality items from HaSOFER. I know they will last their lifetime. I am 100% sure that when I return to Israel and Jerusalem I will be in HaSOFER again to purchase whatever I need. I cannot thank you enough. Jazak ve'ematz!!!"
RK, Germany, 6/2012

"Moshe, I just received the tefillin. You did a beautiful job on the case. Thank you for your assistance. Hopefully I won’t wait 20 years before I have them checked next time. Have a joyous and kosher Pesach."
PL, Northbrook, IL, 3/2012

"I just received my Challah Cover today. It is truly beautiful and will be a blessing to our family's Shabbat table for years to come. Thank you."
DT, Livonia, MI, 12/2011

"Dear Moshe, We received the Torah mantel and it is absolutely beautiful. Just what we had in mind and perfect. Thank you for all of your assistance. It was a pleasure and you were extremely accommodating with our request.,"
ES, Elkins Park, PA, 12/2011

"The tallit arrived today. We are very pleased. The embroidery is gorgeous, what we really wanted. Thanks for keeping me updated and for your company doing such a great job! Shabbat Shalom,"
TM, Seattle, WA, 12/2011

"Moshe -- Thanks. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I am happy to recommend you to all of my friends.,"
JT, Silver Spring, MD, 11/2011

"Thank you very much for your quick answers [to my questions about mezuzah placement]. Tizku lamitsvoth b'braha ouhatslaha!,"
MR, Saint-Eustache, QC, Canada, 11/2011

"Got the Sefer Melachim. It is beautiful. Thank you,"
JB, Edison, NJ, 10/2011

"Moshe, You are a true mensch toda rabba for all of your help. I have to say this is the best experience I have ever had shopping online or in person. Wishing you and your family le shana tova a happy and prosperous new year,"
SE, Randwick, Australia, 9/2011

"A massive thank you! The challa cloth arrived today-it is perfect, a quality item as I hoped thank you so much for all your help and prompt shipping. Best Regards,"
CG, Cheshire, UK, 8/2011

"It was delightful dealing with your staff. My grandson was absolutely thrilled and captivated by him, and hasn't stopped talking about it. The accompanying adults were certainly educated by him. The entire experience was amazing."
MB, NY, NY, 6/2011

"Dear Moshe, The Torah Mantel arrived safely and is really very beautiful. Thanks so much for organizing it for us. It was a pleasure to work with you and I am sure we will work together again in the future. Regards,"
LD, Sydney, Australia, 3/2011

"I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the tefillin and appreciate the great attention and communications from you and your staff. Thanks again and have a great Shabbos!"
DW, Minnetonka, MN, 3/2011

"Thank you! I just used your easy, clear, and well written How To PDF to put up the Mezuzot in our new home. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service."
DH, RBS, Israel, 2/2011

"Hi Moshe, just wanted to let you know that we received the challah cover and that we like it very much! Toda raba for everything! Best regards,"
LS, Berlin, 2/2011

"Shalom U'vracha - Just wanted to let you know that I sent my not (yet) frum brother the link to your site with the correct position for tefillin. He and his friends in his college's Jewish fraternity thought it would be cool to start putting tefillin on and I sent him your site as a guide. Thank you for your hard work and may Hashem shine blessing upon you and your family and all your holy work."
DB, Jerusalem, 1/2011

"Reb Moshe, I got the megilla, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much for all your patience in working on this. Please also thank the Sofer for me and tell him how happy I am with the great job he did. Kol tuv,"
ZL, Brookline, MA, 1/2011

"Shalom, We just received the challah cover and it is beautiful. We just love it. Nicer than we expected. Thank you so much. Best,"
AL, Arlington, VA, 1/2011

"We just got the shipment in yesterday and I want to thank you for your wonderful business. My three year old was just ecstatic about his tzitzit and talit katan and I was too. May G-d bless you and the business abundantly for your kindness and dedication to your customers. Shalom shalom,"
JH, Ackerly, TX, 12/2010

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help. It is a pleasure doing business with HaSOFER. Thank you again,"
SK, San Diego, CA, 11/2010

"Dear Moshe, I have received my items today and am very pleased! Thank you for an excellent shopping experience. I look forward to doing business with HaSofer again in the future. Kol Tuv,"
FNK, seattle, WA, 11/2010

"Thank you = It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Will certainly do so again"
ELS, St Ives, Australia, 10/2010

"Moshe the tallit katan arrived and it is the most beautiful tallit katan I have ever seen. Thank you for making it for me I only pray that I am able to wear it carefully and properly so as not to make it for naught. Beracha right back to you!"
FLR, West Miami, FL, 10/2010

"Dear Reb Moshe, Yesterday I was in your store and purchased the most beautiful megillah. I first compared two price categories and went with the higher one. I then compared two at the same price category and chose one. The megillah I chose is perfect. I met your son - I was not introduced but he looked much like his father did when I was in your store in 1994, that I just asked him if he was your son.
I told him a story which I always remembered (maybe you do too). I had only recently started wearing tefillin again (in my 30's) when I entered your store. The leather had since warped (especially the shel rosh) and I was told that the klaffim were likely in bad condition too since it looked like moisture damage. So, I had ordered a new pair from you. When I returned a couple of days later you told me that indeed your battim were better quality than my original ones (thicker, squarer, etc), but that the ksav on my klaffim was still in excellent condition and that the quality was superior even to your own. They were written by a sofer named Shamshen. So, you put my original klaffim in your new battim, and your own klaffim you put in my original battim as a back-up pair. I told your son that it takes a lot of humility and integrity for a sofer (in his own safrus store) to make such a declaration. Thank you again for, what are now, my old tefillin. Thank you very much and, as we approach Chanuka, I am already looking forward to Purim when I get to use my megillah. Have a wonderful Chanukah"

NG, Los Angeles, CA, 10/2010

"Thanks Moshe! I got the package today! It looks great. I will be refering friends (and anyone else who wants similar products). B'hatzlacha,"
AH, Los Angeles, CA, 9/2010

"These comments were forwarded to us by the recipient of the email, who bought 2 pair of tefillin from HaSOFER:
Subject: Sofer: Several rebbaim recommended (us to) a sofer in Jerusalem named Rav Moshe Flumenbaum who has a store called HaSOFER. I ordered on line and then came into his shop last week with the family and watched him put the klaf in the batim and sew it all up. I would highly recommend him. He was wonderful to deal with, very reasonable, and put on a spectacular show putting the tefillin together. He spent over an hour with us going over the whole process, halachot, etc. Really nice guy. If you're not going to be in Israel to pick up, he can do the whole show over Skype and ship everything out. You can order on line pretty easily. As for prices, you'll see there is a range that the rabbis I spoke with all felt was reasonable.
Short of it is that it was a great experience with him. So much so that I ordered new tefillin for myself through him as well, got my current pair fixed up to an acceptable level and got a megillat Esther as a gift for someone."

EN, Silver Spring, MD, 7/2010

"Hello! I recently purchased a set of tefillin from you with which I am EXTREMELY satisfied, thank you so much! I love my tefillin!"
GM, Cambridge, MA, 7/2010

"I recently ordered my first set of tefillin from you and received it in 3 days as promised. I am impressed by the efficiency of your entire operation. Thank you for the fast service and the high quality of your product. I hope to be in Jerusalem in October so I will drop by your location at one point and will definitely recommend your business to others. Thank you again!"
CO, Victoria, BC Canada, 6/2010

"Dear Rabbi Moshe, I wanted to thank you for helping me with aquiring my new tefillin sets. They look amazing. Thanks so much."
DY, Brooklyn, NY, 5/2010

"The Yad has been received and is exactly what I ordered. Thank you for the excellent job."
NE, Milwaukee, WI, 5/2010

"Hi there Moshe, We have just returned from Israel for my son's bar mitzvah. What an amazing, life changing experience. I just wanted you to know that I presented the tefillin and tallis bags to my son and my father and they absolutely loved them. They were exactly as I had expected them and the workmanship was wonderful. Many thanks for such prompt and professional service. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. All the very best and many thanks once again,"
SS, Sydney, Australia, 4/2010

"Reb Moshe, you are a consummate professional - thank you for making it so easy to obtain tashmishei kedusha of the highest quality - my family and I couldn't think to buy our sta"m anywhere else. Wishing you every best wish,"
Rabbi HL, Baltimore, MD, 3/2010

"Hi there, I just received the Jewish Clock that I ordered from your website. I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with how quickly you were able to place my order and send it all the way here to Canada! I bought it for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loves it. It is already programmed and hanging in our living room. I have to add it was really a very sweet touch that whoever packaged the clock put the batteries in and set it to our time here in Toronto! I so appreciated the way you kept in touch with me by email, informing me of the extra cost to send to Canada and letting me know when it had been sent. I had really expected this to take weeks to get here, not such a short time. I am always a bit nervous trying out a new website but I must tell you that HaSOFER is now in my "favorites" on my computer to order from in the future. Thank you again for your professionalism! Sincerely,"
LG, Thornhill, Canada, 1/2010

"Dear Moshe, We just wanted to let you know that the tefillin arrived safe and sound and they are really beautifully repaired. Thanks very much for the great service! Gut Chanukah and kol tuv,"
MS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12/2009

"Dear Moshe, I received the package today and I am thrilled with the MAGNIFICENT job you did with the Torah Mantles. It looks better than I expected. I appreciate your hard work in arranging this. I had a lot of preferences and sent you a lot of e-mails. But, the important thing is that everything turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! I chose you to do this job because I felt that you were very professional in your initial responses to my e-mail and I had confidence in you to do the job as I requested. I am glad that my feelings about you were right on target. I thank you again for everything. Bracha v'hatzlacha,"
MBP, Plainview, NY, 11/2009

"Moshe, Thank you so much for making my son's tzitzit strings and talit katan look so beautiful! The size is just right! He absolutely loves them! L'Shana Tova!"
LH, Jacksonville, FL, 9/2009

"Dear Rav Flumenbaum, Thank you for your expert advice in helping me determine the proper location of [where to put up] the mezuzot for my house -- being able to email the pictures and you marking where they go is not only great customer service but also a great service for anyone who wants the mitzvah of mezuzot. Thanking you again,"
US, NY, NY, 8/2009

"Shalom! Happy am I to receive my talis order today and the items are very lovely! Just what I was expecting! I will again be ordering as soon as I can and will continue to tell my friends that the best items come from HaSofer 10 Straus Street Yerushalem, Yisrael!? Todah rabah! Kol tuv,"
RE, Lexington, NC, 8/2009

"Thank you for the excellent product and service."
AA, Yakima, WA, 8/2009

"Rabbi Moshe, Thank you so much for the quick response. You are a landmark in Yerushalayim and I am happy to do business with you. B'kavod,"
YM, London, UK, 7/2009

"Rabbi Flumenbaum, Thank you so much for taking the time to show Menachem the final stages of putting his tefillin together along with the wonderful explanations for the how and why it is done that way. It was a learning experience for him (and for me) and we appreciate the suggestion to see you on Skype working on his tefillin. Be well."
JE, Silver Spring, MD, 6/2009

"Yes! Received [my mohel's supplies order] today! It is gevaldig!!"
MF, NY, NY, 6/2009

"Dear Moshe, I received the challah cover. It is absolutely beautiful! I will be ordering from your web site again soon. Thank you,"
SK, Boston, MA, 4/2009

"I just would like to let you know how very pleased I was with the tallit and tefillin bag that I ordered. The embroidery was superb and I have received compliments on its beauty from many members of the synagogue. The design was so beautiful that two members of the community intend to donate a torah mantel with the same design to the shul from you. I will, as well, continue to patronize HaSOFER. Thanks for a truly remarkable tallit bag."
SP, Staten Island, NY, 3/2009

"Hi Moshe, We got the challah covers today - they are perfect! Better than I could have hoped for! Thank you so much! Regards,"
SK, London, UK, 3/2009

"Hi Moshe, It's here (the sterling silver torah yad)!!!! And, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for all of your help along the way!! All the best to you,"
WF, Flossmoor, IL, 2/2009

"Kol HaKavod Rav Moshe. I just received the Shir HaShirim scroll today at my house. It's a wonderful Klaf. Many thanks again and Tizku L'Mitzvot!"
AK, Montreal, Canada, 1/2009

"Received [my order]. Thank you very much for your assistance and the research. It's been a pleasure."
BG, Birmingham, AL, 11/2008

"Thank you - the customer service was not satisfactory - it was outstanding! Kol tuv,"
MC, Johannesburg, South Africa, 11/2008

"Hi Moshe, Just wanted to let you know that the mezuzah scrolls and cases arrived safely. The package was opened and inspected by quarantine but everything obviously passed inspection. Hopefully by the time these need inspection I will be living in Jerusalem also so I can bring them back to you! Thanks so much."
CM, Haven Farm, Australia, 8/2008

"I just wanted to let you know that the Tefillin just arrived and what can I say...............they are really fantastic and even far beyond what I expected. Shipped yesterday morning and arrived here in a day!!! The "energy" radiated from them straight into me and brought me to tears. I want to thank you for your great help and perfect advice. Best Regards,"
JD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 07/2008

"Moshe, it arrived safe and sound this morning. It is beautiful! Many thanks to you and your team. G-d bless."
IV, The Hague, The Netherlands, 05/2008

"Hi Moshe. Yes my order is now with me and arrived at impressive speed. Many thanks for an excellent service."
DW, Gloucester, UK, 04/2008

Received from a family who watched online as their son's tefillin were assembled:
"It was truly better than I had hoped for. Max's attention remained focused on the tefillin assembly. When you got up to get things, he went off to get a snack, but when you were working, his eyes were fixed on the monitor. Remember, Max is autistic and needs to attend a special school. Keeping him focused on what someone else decides he should be doing is quite difficult. We are blessed that he has the intellectual capacity to have understood everything you said, and he did. With Hashem's help, and your very clear explanations, Max will have understood the significance and importance of the mitzvah of tefillin.
With my sincerest thanks,"

MG, Brooklyn, NY, 1/2008

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful and easy to use site with such beautiful merchandise! I just placed an order for a tallis and tefillin bag..."
RR, Chesterfield, MO, 11/2007

"Hi Reb Moshe, I don't know if you remember me, but I bought six Mezuzot from you last week, and I must tell you I was beyond impressed and inspired by meeting you. I know you must be thinking why is this crazy guy telling me this? Well first of all I guess I am a little crazy. But really I wanted to tell you because it's something so unique and refreshing to see. So I wanted to be michazek you to continue to greet and treat people and customers with the helpful, caring, and HONEST way that you treated me. Thank you."
AB, NY, NY, 6/2006

"Thank you very much for your [shipping notification] note. I am glad my money goes to Israel. G-d bless you all and Hag Sameaj veKasher!!"
AP, Stephens City, VA, 3/2007

"I received the shipment today. The Talit bags came out beautiful! I was impressed with the quality of service you provide, and will definitely recommend you and/or use you in the future. Shabbat shalom,"
DB, Sharon, MA, 2/2007

"I just received the bags I ordered and they are beautiful. I plan to recommend you to everyone I know.Thank you so much."
JS, St. Louis, MO, 4/2006

"It was my pleasure placing this order. When I was an avriech in the Mir and lived in Eretz Yisroel, I visited your shop many times. Thank you again for selling such reliable products at reasonable costs. Wishing you all the best."
HL, Silver Spring, MD, 4/2006

"Received them yesterday. Thanks so much - so easy to deal with and I know I'm getting the best mezuzas!!! Regards,"
BK, London, 2/2006

"Just received the taleisim. I am stunned. They are beautiful! I am very, very satisfied, as is my friend for whom I ordered the tallit with blue stripes. I see that you added the yud to my tallit without charge so that my last order would not be disrupted. I thank you the best way I know how, and that is with this repeat business. I had planned to buy a set of tefillin here in Florida, but my comfort with the level of quality of your products and your efforts at customer satisfaction, have me once again returning to your website. Thanks again."
DW, Vero Beach, FL, 5/2005

"Thank you for the honest way in which you conduct your business. Best Regards,"
DC, Strasbourg, France 11/2005

"Thanks so much! I continue to be impressed by the quality of customer care from HaSOFER. Thanks again."
AK, Toronto, CA, 11/2005

"Thank you for the notification of the pick-up of the entire order. My grandson's comment on the embroidered Talis Bag was 'Awesome'! It has been a pleasure working with HaSOFER. We hope to be ordering tephillin & tephillin bag for our 11 year-old grandson Im Yirtzeh Hashem in a year or so. Thank you again & regards."
BS, Toronto, Canada, 2/2005

"Thank you for your wonderful web site. I look forward to shopping both there and when I visit in Israel."
CF, NY, NY, 11/2005

"Wonderful service!"
BS, London, 9/2005

"Hope this finds you well. The tefillin just arrived. Yehuda is so excited. They have arrived on his Hebrew birthday! Once again G-d has blessed us! Thank you! They look real nice. His bag is beautiful! We can hardly wait for Daddy to come home and show him. I will let my father know they have arrived. He will be glad. If I need to 'type' these comments in myself, I would be willing to do that too. You may go ahead and put my email [on your web site] if you like. You may even use my name and city, state, USA. That is fine with us! Once again thank you for your attention to this. We are thrilled. It is a pleasure doing business with you!"
CC and Family, LA, CA ,1/2004

"Thank you again for the beautiful Tefillin. Only brachot, shalom and bri'ut rabah to you and your sofer."
DS, Zurich, 9/2005

"Ketoret arrived. Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks. Kol tuv,"
AR, London, 7/2005

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, I'm writing to let you know that JK received his tallit, and he loves it. I want you to know how you have helped to bring this man back to Judaism, from being secular. He works all the time, he never takes a break. He was Orthodox observant in his early twenties, but then his job took all his energy and over the years (he is now 36) he became more and more secular until the point when he hardly remembered even any of the prayers, or any Hebrew. About 3 months ago he started mentioning to me how he has been missing the time in his life when he was observant. He would ask me what is the parsha each week, and we talked when he had some time. He would shut his eyes and listen with deep pleasure. Now comes the tallit I ordered from you. When he said the bracha and put it on...... there was such a change in him. He stood tall and he glowed from the inside. He looked beautiful and the feeling of holiness from HaShem was so strong. He said he will never go back to being secular after this. In the days since then, he has come to ask me to marry him, and I have said yes. We are going to have an orthodox Jewish home, and make aliyah as soon as we can. Thank you so much for the beautiful tallit! Soon we will be able to also order the tefillin for JK too. Have a happy and good year. Very Best,"
JD, Norfolk, VA, 11/2003

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, Thank you for the beautiful tefillin set you made for my son, Benjamin. He is very happy with them, as am I with the very small set you made for me in 2003. They are exquisitely made. As soon as the expenses of the Bar Mitzvah are behind me, I'll be ordering a similar set for myself! Best regards,"
MK, Brooklyn, NY, 5/2005

"Just a short note to let you know that I am now in possession of the megillah. The megillah itself is beautiful, and it was excellently packaged. Thank you. Thank you for all your help in seeing this through - it is much appreciated, and iy'H I look forward to making very good use of it in the future. Hope to work together again in the future. Regards, kol tuv,"
PS, London, 2/2005

"Thank you very much for your excellent service and for your help. Yours sincerely,"
ATS, Germany, 8/2003

"Excellent website! I found it easy to shop for all the religious articles that I was looking for. Many of my questions were answered merely by surfing through your website. I found no negative things about your website, only positives!"
AB, Jerusalem, 10/2003

"As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you and all the best,"
BZS, Norway, 5/2004

"I just received your package. Everything looks just great. Thank you very much for the great service. Your communications skills put you way ahead of your competition. Regards,"
BB, Philadelphia, PA, 5/2004

"Thank you, This has been a great experience and I will be passing your company's web site on to anyone I find that needs Judaic items. Have a wonderful holiday and as always I will pray for peace in Jerusalem and your safety."
DG, Wichita, KS, 9/2003

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum and HaSOFER staff, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for my new Rabbenu Tam tefillin. Never in my life have I experienced such sheer joy in the mitzvah of tefillin. I know that I must have caused you many headaches with all my demands, yet you fulfilled every single one with a smile, and in a manner far exceeding my rosiest dreams. I showed the batim to several experts, and they all commented that they've never seen such flawless work. Where else could I have gone and made so many demands on the sofer and the way he writes too? Thank you so much. I want to share one more thing with you: I donated my old Rabbenu Tam tefillin to a talmid chochom here in Ashdod whose tefillin had been stolen. When I handed him my 8-year old 'HaSOFER' tefillin, he tearfully kissed them, and raved that they're much nicer than his new pair that was stolen! People like you will speeden the redemption of Klal Yisroel, amen. With utmost gratitiude,"
LB, Ashdod, 6/2004

"Dear HaSOFER, Thank you for your care and prompt processing of my order. I have ordered a gift from you before to be shipped to the U.S. and my friends were thrilled with their mezuzah and cover. I am so glad to be able to buy Israeli products and look forward to doing so more often. Kol Tuv,"
CST, Denver, CO, 12/2004

"It was a pleasure doing business with you."
PE, Buffalo Grove, IL, 8/2003

"I would like to say how much I am enjoying my new tefillin. Thank you for your quality craftsmanship! I will be telling my friends about you. Enjoy the holiday season,"
GZ, Korea, 10/2004

"I thank you for your fast service and good communication. I am happy to do business with you."
GW, Vero Beach, FL, 7/2004

"Thanks for the reliable quality of your reputable store. Regards,"
JS, Salt Lake City, UT, 8/2004

"Thanks very, very much for making this so easy... You guys have been great and I appreciate the ease in contacting you and the prompt responses. I will be shopping here in the future! Take care,"
JM, Superior, CO, 7/2004

"Wonderful site. Beautiful Judaica."
SL, USA, 5/2004

"Thank you for your enjoyable website."
MM, Portland OR, 6/2003

"Thank you for your great service. I received the Torah breast plate so quickly and it looks terrific. I am very pleased with the product and the service. Thanks,"
MS, Portland, OR, 8/2004

"Just a quick update: I unwrapped the tefillin when I got home. Just wanted to let you know I was absolutely delighted with your work -- thank you so much. They are exceptionally beautiful, and just what I was looking for. Also the circumstances -- trying to replicate an antique pair, small, suitable for travel, needed them in 10 days, everyone here said it was impossible to make a kosher pair so small. Best regards,"
MK, Brooklyn, NY, 8/2003

"Rabbi Flumenbaum - I just wanted to thank you, profusely, for the beautiful megillah. Dovid was thrilled with it, and keeps taking it out to admire the amazing handiwork. It is better than I could have possibly expected. I really appreciate your help. Thanks again, and regards to your family."
MM (and Dovid) 1/2005

"Dear Rabbi Flumenbaum, We hope this note finds you well. I cannot express to you the anticipation, wonderment, excitement, and overwhelming gratitude that your Tefillin have already brought, and they're just barely out of the box. Today, our son put on his for the first time, coached by one of his rabe'im. Tears of joy (mine) a'plenty. Our son, aglow and uplifted, apparently the whole day, wrapped himself in symbols not only of everything Tefillin are supposed to symbolize and remind us of, but also of the focus, striving, and utter devotion of special people supremely committed to enriching the Jewish people with ultimate meaning and beauty. And how symbolically fitting that the essential physical product of their striving is something the wearer knows exists so close to his head and heart but cannot see - faith! Thank you! Sincerely,"
MG, Highland Park, NJ, 12/2004

"Reb' Moshe, I wanted to let you know that my tefillin were delivered today at about 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Thanks for all the efforts, they are perfect in every way and while perhaps not an issue they are also aesthetically perfect and pleasing. There were no unpleasant surprises and are exactly what I expected. It is a pleasure to order from a company that does what it says it will do and when they say they will do it. Thanks again for the expertise, the halachic knowledge, and the efforts of everyone at HaSOFER that were a part of the construction of these tefillin. I will reiterate what I said in an earlier email, 'one does themselves a great disservice when they purchase tefillin that do not meet these standards.' I also ordered the Talis Gadol I spoke of and a Talis Bag. They both came in yesterday at about 15:00 hrs. Needless to say they were both excellent. The embroidery on the Tallis Gadol and on the bag was perfect and certainly the 'Chabad' style Talis tied with the Ashkenazic style tzitzis looked great and were certainly mehudar. As with everything I have ordered from HaSOFER I am more than pleased. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that does what they say they will do and when they say they will do it. As a matter of fact the order arrived in less than two complete days. I am sure I will be placing all orders that you can supply through you as I can not get this kind of service and dedication at most places. There are a lot of companies that could stand to follow business practices like HaSOFER does. Thanks for all of your efforts. Gut Shabbos,"
AA, Silver Springs, FL, 7/2003

"Shavua tov. Everything was received. Your speed of service was awesome. Thank you,"
RK, London, 11/2004

"I received my order in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much. The kiddush cup is beautiful. I have been looking for a heavy, solid kiddush cup for my husband since he was my fiancee 8 years ago. I'm glad I found it. Feel free to quote from my email on your webpage. I hope it encourages others to purchase items from you. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I gave him the kiddush cup. He was thrilled! It went in our china cabinet right next to my Great Aunt Mary's candle sticks and will be used each Shabbos. Shalom,"
TC, Ada, MI, 12/2004

"Dear Ask the Sofer: Yasher koach for your response!"
YS, USA, 4/2004

"The kiddush cup I ordered just arrived -- it is beautiful - you did a wonderful job. Thanks,"
JW, NY, NY, 3/2005

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