Shamai K'hat HaCohen Gross
Mo"tz of K'hal Machzikei HaDas in Eretz Israel
Author of "Shevet Hakehati"
Home: 7 Rechov Divrei Chaim; Tel: 02-538-9884
Beis Hora'a: 23 Rechov Divrei Chaim
2nd of Shvat, 5767
January 21st, 2007

To all those interested in knowing about:

"HaSOFER" Moshe Flumenbaum
Rechov Straus 10, Jerusalem

With these lines I come to attest that I know the owner and proprietor of "HaSOFER", Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum, shlit"a, and that he is a proper yireh shamayim, G-d fearing person. He has a staff of certified sofrim who are similarly yirei shamayim, G-d fearing, and who have certification in all areas of STa"M. Very many of these sofrim are people whom I and my esteemed friend Rav Mordechai Friedlander, shlit"a, Rav and Mo"tz of Vaad Mishmeres STa"M, Jerusalem know well. All these sofrim hold recognized scribal certification.

The megihim, examiners, who work in his store are also yirei shamayim, craftsmen in their holy work and certified by me. They are completely trustworthy. All work done on the batei tefillin, including inspections, fixing their squareness, inserting the parshiot, sewing and sealing, painting, tying the straps, etc are done exclusively by certified and authorized "batim makers" who are experts in their craft and yirei shamayim. I visit the store several times each week to check on the work and answer any questions that arise.

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