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integrity of scribal arts: Torah Scrolls, Tefillin And Mezuzos.

20th of Adar 1 5768
Feb. 26th, 2008

It is my honor to recommend with these lines the sofrim, megihim and batim machers (those who repair batim) who do their work, avodas hakodesh, very carefully, with devotion and with expertise at the establishment owned by our dear friend HaSOFER Rav Moshe HaLevi Flumenbaum, shlit"a. I have known all of them well for many years to be expert craftsmen in the work of writing and checking STa"M items and repairing tefillin. Placing their awe of G-d before their own wisdom in their craft, they have all questions, both big and small, that arise in their work decided only by a moreh horaah and outstanding rav who is accessible to them at all times

I understand that HaSOFER is the only store of its type to have present on a regular basis a rav of such outstanding stature, famous as one of the major experts in hilchos STa"M.

Signed for the dignity of the Torah, its students and its scribes,

(Hebrew signature + stamp)

Mordechai Friedlander
Rav and Mo"tz of Vaad Mishmeres STa"M,

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