HaSOFER.com is yet another branch of the multi-faceted "HaSOFER" originally established in Jerusalem in 1982 by Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum. Rabbi Flumenbaum received his early training and experience as a sofer in New York and New Jersey. He operated a Jewish bookstore in Highland Park, NJ before moving to Israel.

Today HaSOFER is a major, world-renowned source of kosher l'mehadrin mezuzot, tefillin and megillot. HaSOFER also produces its own exclusive lines of fine tallitot and shofars and stocks a large selection of Israeli-made Judaica and Jewish gifts. Customers at our store located in the center of Jerusalem include people like you as well as businesses, schools, synagogues, government offices, and community and rabbinical organizations from six continents. HaSOFER is a member of and recommended by the Jerusalem Merchants Association and the Israel Merchants Association.

All our tefillin, mezuzot and sofer items, as well as most of our Judaica gifts, are made in Israel, many of them by small family businesses. Your purchase at HaSOFER supports these families and strengthens the Israeli economy.

Rabbinical Certification
HaSOFER is the only manufacturer of tefillin and mezuzot with direct rabbinical supervision from Bet Din over all stages of production. Major rabbinical authorities in Israel and around the world endorse our products. Current Rabbinical certification letters are always available on our web site. HaSOFER's staff consists of over one hundred highly trained sofrim scribes, megihim examiners, and batim-makers, all certified by Bet Din. Every parsha, tefillin bayit and retzua we sell is produced by, or exclusively for, HaSOFER. Every mezuza and tefillin parsha undergoes two comprehensive visual examinations by megihim plus checking by computer program. Learn more by reading our article Computer Checking of STa"M.

Tefillin and Mezuza Checking and Repair
HaSOFER also provides examination services of tefillin and mezuzot. We repair and refurbish tefillin batim when this is halachically permitted and economically sound. On your next visit to Israel bring your tefillin or mezuzot to our Jerusalem shop for examination and repair. We provide you with a loaner pair of tefillin to use while we are repairing yours. You can also email or call us to arrange sending them. Community tefillin and mezuzah examination campaigns is another HaSOFER specialty. We are glad to arrange one for your community, synagogue, yeshiva or school, whether in Israel or anywhere on the globe.

Learn About STa"M
Want to learn more about safrut and the laws and traditions regarding STa"M, Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot? Then our STa"M in Halacha and Midrash section is for you. Here you'll find a wealth of information about:

  • How tefillin, mezuzot and megillot are made
  • How to care for your tefillin and mezuzot
  • How often to check your tefillin and mezuzot
  • Halachot, midrashim and stories about STa"M

Educational Tours
Planning a visit to Israel? Whether your trip is only days away or far in the future, be sure to include a visit to HaSOFER's Jerusalem shop in your schedule. You'll be glad you did. In addition to seeing firsthand all of the fine Jewish ceremonial and gift items which we stock, our staff will be glad to answer any and all questions you have about Sta”M. Tours are generally available on a drop-in basis, but it's best to email or call in advance and reserve. While you're in our shop we'll be glad to show you:

  • sofrim writing and examining tefillin and mezuzot
  • inserting the parshiot and sewing closed the tefillin
  • sealing, painting and refinishing tefillin batim

Sofer, Mohel and Shochet Supplies
Are you a sofer, mohel or shochet? HaSOFER is your source online for the finest tools and supplies for each of these professions. And if you don't see the exact item you're looking for, call us or send us a fax or an email. We can probably get you any sofer supplies, mohel supplies, or shochet supplies you're looking for.

Wholesale Sales
Are you a Judaica retailer interested in expanding your sources? HaSOFER supplies retail outlets and synagogue gift stores in many countries including the USA, England, South Africa and Australia. Use our web site as an online catalog of tefillin, mezuzot, megillot, Jewish ceremonial items and Judaica. Prices that appear on these pages are adjusted accordingly for wholesale orders and minimum amounts vary for each item. For further information contact us at wholesale@HaSOFER.com.

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