Traditional or modern styling? Black, white, blue or multi-colored? White tzitzit or tekhelet?
Ashkenazi, Sefardic, Yemenite, Chassidic, Hinuch or other minhag for the tying of the tzitzit?
925 Silver, Swarovski crystal, embroidered cloth or plain atarah?

HaSOFER offers you these and other options for your new tallit.

If you want the highest quality extra fine medium weight 100% pure new wool talis choose TALIS LeDOROT. Certified kosher by Rav Shmuel Wosner shlit"a of B'nei Brak, you will find this talis exceptionally comfortable in both summer and winter.

For other traditional tallitot choose from LeDOROT Pe'er Kal, Yemenite, Beit Yosef, Chabad, and Lightweight Wool.

Looking for a 100% wool tallit with modern styling? Choose from B'nei Ohr, Maalot, Tashbetz, Bareket, and Sapir, all made of a specially soft and comfortable light-weight wool. With their open weave they really stay on your shoulders!

Click on one of the tallit pictures above to see full details about that tallit, including sizes and options, and to begin your order. All are available in adult sizes. Some also come in children's sizes.

All HaSOFER tallitot are 100% wool and guaranteed free of shatnez. Many come with a half lining or have this as an option. The half lining adds a small amount of weight to your tallit so if you're sensitive to this you may prefer an unlined style. However many people appreciate the advantages of having the half lining:

  • Adds body and strength to the tallit
  • Lengthens lifespan of the tallit
  • Allows for easier cleaning of the tallit

Note in the description if the tallit you are choosing comes with or without an atarah. Either way, you may want to beautify your tallit with a special atarah. Choose a unique Swarovski Crystal Art atarah, 925 sterling silver atarah, or embroidered cloth atarah with Jerusalem Skyline, floral or Yemenite design. When you order your atarah select the checkbox next to the ordering button if you want us to sew the atarah on the tallit you are purchasing.

You can order your tallit either with or without tzitzit attached. When you place your order we specify whether or not the price listed for the tallit also includes the price for tzitzit and tying. Go to our tzitzit and tekhelet page to order tzitzit separately for tying yourself. If you want HaSOFER to tie the tzitzit on your tallit for you we offer you these choices of tzitzit strings:

  • Thin white hand-spun tzitzit
  • Thick white hand-spun tzitzit
  • Thin tekhelet according to either Minhag Ra’avad or Minhag Rambam
  • Thick tekhelet according to either Minhag Ra’avad or Minhag Rambam

All our tzitzit strings are kaful shmoneh, 8 strands. Our thin and thick white hand-spun tzitzit have the kashrut certification of HaRav Shmuel Wosner of B'nei Brak. Our tekhelet tzitzit come from the P'til Tekhelet Association and are kaful shmoneh, 8 strands, with dyeing and spinning done by hand. The authentic tekhelet dye comes from Murex trunculus snails. Minhag Ra'avad has 1 full string of tekhelet for every 3 white strings. Minhag Rambam has one half of 1 full string of tekhelet for every 3 white strings.

When you order your talit with tzitzit attached we offer you these choices of the minhag to be followed in tying the knots. Click on the name of each minhag and a picture of it will pop up. Click a second time on the picture to see an enlargement. If you are unsure which minhag to request, consult your Rabbi. All of our tzitzit knots are tied by b’nei Torah.

  • Ashkenazi “Tal” 7-8-11-13, the most commonly followed Ashkenazi minhag
  • Sefardic 10-5-6-5, with each loop a separate hulia, usually used by Sefardic Jews on their tallit katan
  • Sefardic “Tal” 7-8-11-13, with each loop a separate hulia, usually used by Sefardic Jews on their tallit gadol
  • Chassidic huliot “Tal” 7-8-11-13, with huliot of each 3 loops, used by Chabad Chassidim, Breslov Chassidim and some other Chassidic groups
  • Rambam according to Yemenite tradition
  • Hinuch Ra'avad tzitzit strings tied according to Sefer HaChinuch
  • Rav Schachter Tosafot tzitzit strings tied according to Rav Schachter of YU - your source for kosher l'mehadrin tefillin, mezuzot and Judaica gifts - your source for kosher l'mehadrin tefillin, mezuzot and Judaica gifts HaSOFER is more than a web site! Read about our educational projects and manufacturing operations Our virtual library of laws and traditions of Scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot Email, call or fax us; or drop in at our Jerusalem shop - HaSOFER is ready to serve you! Full information on privacy policy, site security & copyright, returns, gift certificates, ordering, shipping Check the status of your order at any time alt text for mezuzah alt text for tefillin alt text for talis & talisbag alt text for megillah & torah alt text for kiddushcup & silver alt text for shofar alt text for jewish alt text for chabad alt text for s-m-s