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The Jewish Clock: Decorative wall clock featuring all the important zmanim in the Jewish day, week, month and year. A beautiful, unique adornment for your home or synagogue.

The Jewish Watch: lets you take all these convenient functions with you, wherever you go, all day long. The Jewish Watch has the added feature of allowing you to choose which of several different Rabbinical Sheetot is used for the zmanim displayed. It's also an alarm clock! Current stock is the Grytviken World Time Watch Avos U'Banim edition.

Scroll down this page for a detailed list of the features found in the Jewish Clock and Jewish Watch.

Jewish Clock and Jewish Watch purchased at HaSOFER
come with complete instructions in English.
The English instructions, written by HaSOFER, can be purchased separately for $5.00 including shipping.
Click here to order Jewish Watch instructions
Click here to order Jewish Clock instructions

Ordering Instructions: Select Jewish Watch or Jewish Clock, indicate quantity and click on ADD TO CART. Continue to checkout. Please note that all Jewish Clock orders are sent via Israel Post Office Express Mail Service. We adjust the shipping charges that appear in your shopping cart if needed and send you a change notification via email.

Item #:9-69-09
Rectangular Jewish Clock
Dual Digital Mechanisms

Click to see enlargement of Rectangular Jewish Clock<BR>Dual Digital Mechanisms 9-69-09
Click image to see enlargement
Item #:9-69-14
Jewish Watch

Click to see enlargement of Jewish Watch<br>Black/Silver 9-69-14
Click image to see enlargement
14" x 15" (35 x 38.5 cm)

Price: $119.95

Watch face size:
1" x 1" (3 x 3 cm)

Price: $39.95

  Qty:    Click to add this item to your shopping cart   Qty:    Click to add this item to your shopping cart

Features of the Jewish Clock and Jewish Watch:

Note: HaSOFER recommends checking with your posek before you rely on the zmanim displayed on the Jewish Clock or Jewish Watch.

The Jewish Clock is composed of two independent, battery-powered digital mechanisms housed in an attractive wooden frame: the original Leitner Jewish Clock in addition to a large format Clock / Calendar / Thermometer.

The digital Jewish Clock unit features the following halachic time and date alerts according to the Hebrew date. The basic display is in your choice of either Hebrew or English, showing either the Hebrew or Gregorian date. Conversion between the two calendars is automatic. The Hebrew date changes at sunset:
  • Sunset and sof z'man kriat shema each day.
  • Candle lighting time on erev Shabbat.
  • Parashat HaShavua, displayed throughout Shabbat.
  • Time Shabbat ends, displayed throughout Shabbat.
  • Shabbat m'vorchin, displayed throughout Shabbat.
  • Ya'ale v'yavo, displayed on rosh chodesh and hol hamoed.
  • Al hanissim, displayed on Hanukah and Purim.
  • Day of Chanukah, with count advancing each day at sunset.
  • S'firat ha'omer, with count advancing each day at sunset.
The Jewish Watch is a water resistant digital timepiece with sturdy plastic strap. In addition to all the standard features of the Jewish Clock it also has:
  • alarm which shuts off automatically after 20 seconds making it convenient for use on Shabbat and Yom Tov.
  • alarms to alert you to sunset and sof z'man kriat shema each day.
  • alarm to remind you prior to candle lighting time on erev Shabbat.
The Jewish Clock and Jewish Watch are pre-programmed with settings for your choice of numerous cities both in Israel and around the world. In addition, they can be manually programmed for any location in the world that has a constant time differential to any of the cities found on your timepiece. Cities available vary according to version of the software. The following cities appear on all models:
JerusalemNew YorkLondon
Tel AvivLos AngelesParis

Three personalized Hebrew or English messages can be programmed into the Jewish Clock and Jewish Watch as a reminder of an anniversary, birthday, etc.

The digital Clock / Calendar / Thermometer unit in the Jewish Clock has the following features:
  • time in 12 or 24 hour format.
  • day, month and year.
  • day of the week.
  • temperature in the range from 10 to 50 degrees Centigrade, with option to display in Fahrenheit.
  • independent alarm that rings for 1 minute, with snooze option.
The Jewish Watch and the digital Leitner unit of the Jewish Clock are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 90 days for parts and service. The standard digital unit of the Jewish Clock is guaranteed by HaSOFER for 90 days for parts and service.

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